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HX-005 Strip Monodose Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Product Detail



  • Machine is specially designed for 5 in 1 tubes, suitable for mass production of 5 in 1 tubes.
  • Manually tube feeding, automatic filling, sealing, end trimming.
  • Adopts ultrasonic sealing technology, no need warm up time, more stable and neat sealing, no distortion and low reject rate less than 1%.
  • Independent R & D for digital ultrasonic automatic tracking electrical control box, no need manual adjust the frequency, with power auto compensation function, avoiding the reduction of power after long time use. Could freely adjust the power based on tube material and size, stable and minimum the fault rate, extend the life span than the normal electrical box.
  • PLC with touch screen control system, providing friendly operation experience.
  • Made of 304 stainless Steel, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • Standard equipped with peristaltic pump filling system, high accuracy filling, and suitable for liquid filling.
  • No tube, no fill, no tube, no seal function, reducing the machine and mould loss.
  • Cam indexing system could position precisely for six working stations.


Widely used for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical 5 in 1 tube filling and sealing.


 Machine Parameters
 Model  HX-005
 Frequency  20 kHz
 Power  2600W
 Power supply  AC220V/110V
 Filling Range  0.3-10ml Rotary Valve Plunger Pump 1-10ml  Valveless Plunger Pump
 Filling accuracy  ±0.05g
 Capacity  10-13pcs/min
 Tube diameter  50-135mm
 Tube height  50-150mm
 Working pressure  0.6 MPa
 Size  L1300*W1300*H1950mm
 N.W/G.W  330kgs
HX-005-001 HX-005-002 HX-005-003 HX-005-004 HX-005-005
 Main part list:
 Ultrasonic system  Automatic frequency tracing
 Frequency converter  Panasonic, Japan
 PLC  Mitsubishi, Japan
 electric relay  Omron, Japan
 Touch Panel  WEINVIEW,China Taiwan
 Inductive switch  Omron, Japan
 Air cylinder  AirTAC,China Taiwan
 Solenoid valve  AirTAC,China Taiwan
 Transducer  CN
 Motor  CN
 Partitioner  JOUDER,China Taiwan
 Air source processor  AirTAC,China Taiwan

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