Automatic Flat Surface Top Labeling Machine

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Automatic Flat Surface Top Labeling Machine

Product Detail

Automatic flat surface top labeling machine

The machine is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronics, toys , hardware, plastics and other industries, and can be applied to various plane labeling, and the replacement of the coating mechanism can meet the uneven surface labeling; and the machine has the advantages of high stability, good labeling effect, no air bubbles, no wrinkles and accurate labeling.

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Main Features

  1. Touch screen operation:
  2. The man-machine interface has the function of operation instruction,and the switching of various functions is simple.

  3. Intelligent control:
  4. Automatic optoelectronic tracking, with no marking, no label automatic correction and label automatic detection function, to prevent leakage and label waste.

  5. Simple and flexible:
  6. Can be single machine production or pipeline production, production site layout is simple; design 6 degrees of freedom adjustable base, the conversion between different products become simple, save time.

Voltage (V/Hz) 220V 110V
Application of product size L:60mm~400mm W:40mm~200mm H:0.2mm~60mm
Application of label size L:6mm~150mm H:15mm~130mm
Applicable label inner diameter Ø76mm
Applicable label outer diameter Ø250mm
Accuracy ±1mm
Label speed 60~120pcs/min
Suitable label type Adhesive sticker label(Transparent label is available)
Working air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Weight 260KG
Overall dimension 2200mm×600mm×1700mm(L×W×H)
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