HX-CSA50 Automatic Cartoning Machine

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HX-CSA50 Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product Detail

Cartoning Machine 02

HX-CSA50 Automatic Cartoning Machine

  • Model: HX-CSA50
  • Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ singe phase
  • Power: 2KW
  • Min. Packing size: 60*20*20mm
  • Max. Folding size: 200*80*80mm
  • Capacity: 20-60boxes/min
  • Air consumption: 150L/min
  • Dimension: 1400*900*1450mm
  • N.W: 250kgs
  • Machine Body: 304 stainless steel

Suitable Usage

Round bottled medicine, food-stuff, cosmetic, etc. packing into square box.

Brief Introduction

Model HX-CSA50 semi-automatic cartoning machine

(Carton→ Folding→ Filling → Packing)

It is specially design to pack small quantities multi-size box.

With low cost and only require small area. It is suitable for various sizes of box. The machine is a vertical type with multiple function and require a short time to change mould.

HX-CSA50-2 HX-CSA50-8 HX-CSA50-9 HX-CSA50-10 cerohs factory-certificate

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