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HX-009H Fully Automatic Tube Filling and Heat Sealing Machine

Product Detail

HX-009H automatic tube sealing machine is widely used in toothpaste, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Working Video

The equipment has a high degree of automation, automatic tube loading, automatic color marking, automatic tail sealing, batch number printing, and automatic tube discharge. Using the internal heating method, using the “LEISTER” air heater made in Switzerland, blowing hot air from the inner wall of the tube to melt the plastic, and then marking the pattern and batch number. The indexing adopts precision cam indexing mechanism, and the positioning is precise and stable. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the user can adjust the running speed by himself.
  1. The mechanical transmission part is closed below the platform, which is safe, reliable and pollution-free;
  2. The filling and sealing part is installed above the platform, and the semi-closed non-static outer frame is visible in the cover, which is easy to observe, operate and maintain;
  3. Stainless steel operation panel, plexiglass protective cover and door protection function installed;
  4. Slant-hanging tube warehouse, which can accommodate more tubes,
  5. The upper tube device is equipped with a vacuum adsorption device. After the upper tube interacts with the pressure tube device, the tube is inserted into the upper tube station;
  6. Photoelectric benchmarking station, using high-precision probes, stepping motors, etc. to control the tube pattern to be in the correct position;
  7. No tube, no filling, when the injection is finished, the air blowing device blows off the paste tail; anti-drawing, anti-drip filling
  8. The heating temperature of the end sealing adopts (Leister hot air gun) internal heating at the end of the tube, and the external cooling device is equipped;
  9. At the same time of sealing the end, the production batch number or date is automatically embossed on the position required by the process;
  10. Waste cutting manipulator cuts the waste edge at the tail of the tube, and seals with special shapes such as right angle, R angle or arc;
  11. Failsafe alarm, overload shutdown, water pressure protection, air pressure protection.
Technical Parameters
Production capacity 40 pieces/min
Filling capacity 5-250ml
Hose diameter 15-50mm
Hose length 50-220mm
Filling error ≤±1%;
Motor power main motor 1.1kw heat sealing power 3kw
Working pressure 0.60MPa
Air consumption not less than 600L/min
Equipment weight 750kg
Dimensions 1700*1000*2000mm

Parts Details

Frequency Changer DELTA TAIWAN
Encoder Omron JAPAN
Hot Air Generator Leiste Switzerland
Proximity switch SICK GERMANY
Air Pressure Control System Omron JAPA
Change Speed Motor WANNAN CHINA
Main Pneumatic component AIRTAC TAIWAN
Air-break switch CHNT CHINA
Emergency Swift Schneider FRANCE
Power switch Schneider FRANCE
Power lock Schneider FRANCE
Power indicator Schneider FRANCE
Ac contactor Schneider FRANCE
Material Level Sensor (optional) P+F Germany
Material contact parts 316L Stainless Steel CHINA
Machine Structure 304 Stainless steel CHINA

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