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HX-002AP Ampoule Filling and Bottom Cap Pressing Machine

Product Detail

HX-002AP dual-channel filling and capping machine is a high-precision, liquid filling and capping machine. Function. The machine adopts PLC program control, touch-type human-machine interface, photoelectric automatic positioning and tracking, etc., which makes the overall operation simpler and more complete, helps enterprises improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity, and is the first choice for improving packaging grades. details
Product name Double channel filling and capping machine
Model HX-002AP
Input power AC220V/50Hz
Power 3000W
Ultrasonic frequency 20Khz
Filling 40-120 fillings/minute
Machine size 1900*700*1500mm
This machine is a fully automatic model, suitable for filling small bottles. All actions: automatic bottle unarranging, filling, automatic outer cap and outer cap rotation, and bottle discharge are all automatically tracked, detected and controlled by special photoelectric probes, and the machine will stop automatically if there is no bottle or material. The filling machine adopts quick union connection, which is easy to disassemble and wash, and the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted. It is equipped with a precision ceramic pump filling machine, and the filling accuracy is ±0.5%. No wire drawing, dripping; bottle filling, no bottle filling; with counting function, can accurately display the current output and previous output.

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