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Fully Automatic Vials Filling and Capping Machine Double Station

Product Detail



Rotary Automatic Vials Filling and Capping Machine is the equipment that can be used for automatic filling, cap screwing or cap pressing for vials, essential oil bottles and perfume bottles. The working process is divided into Bottle Sorting -> Filling -> Stopper Pressing(Set Up LYO rubbers) -> Cap Placing -> Cap Pressing -> Cap Pressing. The machine is characterized by stable production and strong versatility for packaging materials.

Scope of Application

  1. Pharmaceutical medicine liquid vials, small glass bottles filling and capping.
  2. Cosmetic perfume, essential oil liquid filling and capping.
  3. Suitable for large scale production in high speed and low power consumption.


vials packaging Vials Packaging
  1. Vials, small glass bottles filling precisely. Suitable for 1R to 20R vials.
  2. Capping. Include bottle inside stopper(LYO rubbers) pressing and cap screwing or pressing.
  3. Auto arrange the bottle stoppers and caps to correct direction.
  4. Auto vials bottles feeding with large holder.
  5. The machine is universal for a variety of materials of cap because of high-quality steel sheet that has been quenched and hardened.
  6. The drive of turntable is servo drive which is smaller and lighter than other drives on the market. It can change the orientation freely and has fast speed.
  7. Warning when detecting vials without stopper.
  8. Easily change the height of working station for vials that has different height and the same radius.
  9. The input and output are on the same side, which is convinient for operator.
  10. The whole machine is compact and movable easily.


dimension main view
dimension top view

Technical Parameters

Bottle Unscramble – Auto Filling – Auto Stopper Pressing – Stopper Checking – Caps Hanging – Caps Pressing – Outlet
General Parameter Model HX-GX011
Voltage 220V 50HZ (Customizable for 110V 60Hz)
Power 2 kw
Production Speed 40-50 Bottles/min (According to the dimension of bottles)
PS: Automatic stop when there is no stopper. The speed of concave or half plugging will be reduced.
Stopper Installation Type Pressing
Cap Installation Type Hanging
Cap Pressing Type 4 Claws Crimping
Outlet Type The push from turntable
Filling System Filling Pump & Nozzle 316L Magnetic Pump + Anti-Dripping Nozzle
Filling Drive Precision Servo Drive Shenzhen
Filling Error 0.03-0.1 g
Filling Volume 1-10ml
PS: The filling nozzles are anti-dripping, which keep your working station clean.
Viscosity of Material lower than or equal to viscosity of oil
Power 800W
Unscramble System Conjoined or Split Conjoined
Motor Power 120W (Speed Adjustable)
Speed of Unscramble 100 bottles/min
Radius of Tray 500 mm
Material of Tray 304 Stainless Steel
Main Part Turntable Power 400W
Servo Spliter DELTA CN, Taiwan
Electromagnetic Valve AirTAC CN, Taiwan
Relay Honeywell US
PLC (Pick one of two) SIEMENS / MITSUBISHI DE / JP
Touch Screen SIEMENS DE
Photoelectric Sensor KEYENCE JP
Inverter (Only equip if ask) Danfoss DK
Power Supply (Pick one of two) DELTA / MEANWELL CN, Taiwan
Air Switch (Pick one of two) Honeywell / Schneider US / FR
Switch Button Honeywell US
Other Parameter Stopper Unscramble Device 1 Set Frequency Control
Cap Unscramble Device 1 Set
Dimension 1900 x 1918 x 1167 mm
Weight 330 kg
Rack Material 304 Brushed Surface Stainless Steel
Truntable Material Anodised Brusher Aluminum Plate
Bracket 304 Stainless Steel Stick
Waranty Whole machine for 1 year

Part Description

Stainless Steel Bracket
Stainless Steel Bracket
It can bear 38 kg and be adjusted to different height freely without tools.
Anti-Dripping Nozzle
It prevent dripping of filled material accidentely.
Height Adjustment
Filling Height Adjustment of Bottles

Can be Easily modified by the height of bottles. Just turn the knob directly without fixed handle.

4 Claws Crimping
4 Claws Crimping for Cap Pressing

Effectively compatible with the specifications of packaging materials commonly used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical market.

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