Our Experience About Packaging Machinery and Information Part 1

Last Modified Date: 05/12/2022

We have over 20 years experience about packaging machinery and have professional knowledge for them. Now let us introduce the information about packaging machine for you.

Machine Show Room

Machine Show Room

What is Packaging Machine?

Packaging machine is a huge range machines which includes various machine. Any machine that provides convenience for from material to finish products can be called packaging machine. Packaging machinery is a machine that completes all or part of the packaging process. The packaging process includes main packaging processes such as filling, wrapping, and sealing, as well as related pre- and post-processing processes, such as cleaning, stacking, and disassembly. In addition, it also includes ancillary equipment such as stamping and metering. Tube filling machine, liquid filling machine, facial mask bagging machine, vacuum packaging machines, skin packaging machines, powder packaging machines, etc. all belong to packaging machinery.

Features of Packaging Machine

We have manufactured many kinds of packaging machine. For features of packaging machine, they can be summarized as the following points:


    HX-007 is a classic packaging machine for tube sealing. It has a compact design and good structure.

  1. The structure and mechanism of most packaging machinery are complex, the movement speed is fast and the movement coordination requirements are high. In order to meet the performance requirements, there are high requirements for the stiffness and surface quality of parts.
  2. The packaging machine used for food and medicine should be easy to clean, and the parts in contact with medicine and food should be made of stainless steel or chemically treated non-toxic materials, which meet the hygienic and safety requirements of medicine and food.
  3. The working force of the packaging actuator is generally small, so the motor power of the packaging machine is small. Our packaging machine like HX-006 is driven by pneumatic. And the main power consumption part is sealing mould. But the sealing part has high efficiency conversion rate of electric to heating, so the machine is low power consumption.
  4. Packaging machines generally use stepless transmission devices to flexibly adjust the packaging speed and the production capacity of the packaging machine. Because there are many factors that affect the quality of packaging, such as the working state of the packaging machine (the movement state of the mechanism, the temperature and humidity of the working environment, etc.), the supply of packaging materials and the measurement of packaging materials. Therefore, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the machine and meet the needs of quality and production capacity, most packaging machines use stepless transmission devices.
  5. HX-009

    HX-009 is a fully autoamtic machine and follows industry standards which enable it to be suitable for varius size, material tubes.

  6. Packaging machinery is a special type of professional machinery with a wide variety and limited production quantity. In order to facilitate manufacturing and maintenance and reduce equipment investment, attention should be paid to standardization, versatility and multi-functionality in the design of packaging machines. For standardization, we design machine with a set of industry standards. Our machine can be used for many situation like different size tube, material, viscosity of liquid, etc.
  7. The degree of automation of packaging machinery is high, and most of them have been controlled by PLC and single-chip microcomputer to realize intelligence.

Packaging machinery not only has the commonality of general automatic machines, but also has its own characteristics.

The Function of Packaging Machine

  1. Improve labor productivity and ensure packaging quality
  2. Mechanical packaging is used instead of manual packaging, so that the product does not come into direct contact with the human body and reduces the time that the product is exposed to the air, which ensures the cleanliness of food and medicine and the anti-corrosion of metal products. Mechanical packaging has accurate measurement, compact packaging, neat and beautiful appearance, stable packaging quality, standardized and standardized packaging, and can adapt to various transportation conditions and loading and unloading methods such as standardized containers, pallets, trains, and ships.

  3. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions
  4. Replacing manual packaging with mechanical packaging can free packaging workers from heavy physical labor, reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions. Our machines have high stability and low error rate. Operator of the machines can easily adjust them to fit the production without cost a lot of energy.

  5. Reduce packaging costs and reduce distribution costs
  6. Some loose-foamed products, such as cotton, feathers, certain garments, knitted cotton fabrics, etc., can be pre-packed by compression packaging machinery, which can greatly reduce the volume of the package, save packaging materials, and reduce packaging costs. At the same time, it also saves the warehouse capacity during storage, increases the storage capacity of the warehouse, and reduces the storage cost. The transportation space is also reduced during transportation, which saves transportation costs. Tube filling machine is a widely need machine because a tons of cosmetic tube were spended everyday. Save a little cost from the begin will make a huge influence of whole holistic environmental action.

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