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HX-600 Automatic Facial Mask Filling Sealing Machine

Product Detail

Facial-Mask-Filling-Sealing-04-800x800 Facial Mask Filling Sealing 03


  • Model: HX-600
  • Filling system: 6 heads Electrical Gear Pump
  • Filling Accuracy: ±0.2g
  • Applicable Facial mask Bag size:
  • W: 85-160mm L: 110-220mm
  • Capacity: 7000-7500 bags/hour
  • Power: 380V/3ph; 50Hz, 5Kw
  • Air Consumption: 300L/min.
  • Working pressure: 0.6Mpa
  • Machine Dimension: L2250xW1050xH1720mm (not include the out-feed inclined conveyor)


  1. Working procedure: Automatic bag feeding, liquid filling, sealing, printing (embossing print) and bag out feeding.
  2. No bag, no fill, no bag, no seal.
  3. Contact parts made of 316 Stainless Steel, complying with GMP requirements.
  4. “Mitsubishi” PLC and “Weinview” touch screen provide friendly operation experience. Production output and error message can be viewed from the screen directly.
  5. PID digital temperature control.
  6. Electrical and pneumatic parts all adopts high quality brands.

6 Electrical Gear pumps


6 Filling nozzles and sealing


Facial Mask Bags feedout


Feedout inclined conveyor


Mitsubishi PLC

HX-600-006 CE factory-certificate

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