High Precision Ceramic Pump Filling Machine

Last Modified Date: 18/04/2021

These filling machine are suitable for: scientific research institutes, laboratories, universities, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, cosmetics factories, used for precision quantitative filling of liquids such as blood, biological reagent, oral liquid, injection liquid, senior cosmetics, fragrance, fungicide, etc.


First, we adopt precise ceramic pump which is used for precision quantitative filling of all kinds of acid and alkali corrosive liquid. It has Inert chemical stability, acid-base corrosion and high temperature resistance; Hard, abrasion resistant, particle release is extremely small, long service life; Dense material, water absorption as low as zero; High surface finish, minimal friction, therefore minimal residual materials; Thermal expansion coefficient is small, piston clearance fit more, filling accuracy can be achieved online cleaning and sterilization.


Then, assembled pumps as one machine. The filling heads can absolutely increase filling speed, and can shift automatically.

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