About HX-009 Fully Automatic Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Last Modified Date: 07/02/2023

HX-009 is a machine modle designed for cosmetic, pharmaceutical factories. It can process a whole line including tube feeding, mark orientation, filling, ultrasonic sealing, trimming and auto eject out. This article will follow the machine working order to introduce for you.

Tube Feeding

The machine can automatically feed tubes into rotary working station. You just need to place the tubes into tube hopper in certain direction. Then the machine will automatically do it. You can easily change the part to fit varius dimensions tubes.

009 tube feeding device tube hopper

Mark Orientation

Rotate the tubes to the correct direction. The machine equips a high precision electric eye. Suitable for a range of contrast of mark color. And it's easy to set the color mark sensor. The default brand is Panasonic from Japan.

009 mark sensor

Filling, Tube Filler

The default filling method is pneumatic pump, which provide a good applicability of filling different viscous liquid, like water, oil, gel, cream or paste. We have tested the machine to fill honey, face cleanser, sunscreen, ointment.

009 filling pump

Ultrasonic Sealing

About ultrasonic sealing technology, you can check this article Tube Filling Machine Working Principle. It explains how the ultrasonic sealing works. As we have many years experience of ultrasonic sealing, our machine is stable for sealing power and has good quality of sealing effect. The below video shows the kinds of sealing mould. We accept customization of sealing pattern like straight, mesh or irregular.

009 tube sealing


The default trimming method is flat cut, which gives a flat cut tail effect. The trimming height is easy to adjust to meet different needs. And the replacement is convinient. You can change the cutter to varius shape. Like rounded corner, wave shape, euro hole and so on.

009 tube trimming

Eject Out

The machine will auto detect the finish products and eject them out. So it prevent the finish products from being left on the turntable and causing problems. Meanwhile, it is convinient for cooperating with other machines like labeling machine.

Option Feature

The machine has options feature if you need. Including full process heating function, laser printing function, material hopper heating & mixing device, etc.


HX-009 is a fully automatic machine. You don't need to be worry about the complex adjustment. Put your tubes into tube hopper and start the machine, then the machine will do all the jobs. This machine is especially suitable for mass production. We have provided this machine for cosmeitc, pharmaceutical, chemical production plant and got a lot of good reviews.

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